Laboratorio di ricerca con scelta accurata delle materie primeThe company’s research laboratory continuously collaborates with renowned university consultants.

The best suppliers are involved in the choice of raw materials, with responsibility for pre-planned chemical, physical and microbiological controls.

Our own formulations are available, but we are also open to innovation and to the development of specific and original formulations.

The research department also is also aware of the importance of the creation and production of the alcohol perfumery section and of their work on scents and essential oils. We create customized and exclusive items that meet the needs of the cosmetic industry.

Particular attention is given to the environmental preserving – favouring natural and vegetable materials – and to the abolition of the animal testing.

Far-sighted intuition triggered by creativity and experience and a natural disposition towards innovation combined with flexibility in Customer service characterise Garagnani Cosmetic Research, which is available to create and develop highly personalised products while creating a partnership based on professionalism, trust and transparency.

Staff at Garagnani Cosmetic Research is made up of highly qualified personnel supported by more than fifty-year-old traditions. This is what ensures compliance with the highest quality standards.

Research is one of Garagnani Cosmetic Research ‘s strengths and the core of its long-term activity and tradition.

The in-house research laboratory is updated daily and collaborates with world-famous consultants and Research Authorities on a constant basis. The partnerships established and the knowledge deriving from them are a source of inspiration for the development of cosmetic products in line with the most advanced demands of trichology and skin care.

Constant meticulous research of new raw materials and functional substances aimed at accurate studies; competence with respect to those already available in the laboratory and in the production chain: these are basically the factors through which R&D at Garagnani Cosmetic Research favours and gains innovation. More and more research projects have been planned and carried out, some of which have been patented and have become products with a high  functional and innovative content confirming their role as high-profile brands, thus positioning themselves at the top of this market- sector.