Garagnani Cosmetic Research, started its business in 1959. A story of passion, dedication, determination and commitment is surely what lies at the basis of its foundation.

The company boasts vast experience in the production of professional hair products starting from the late  50’s, with its service offered to third parties or using its own brand.  From the very beginning, it proposed its brands to the professional clientelle segment. This remains a strong tradition passed on to the present day, constantly enriched by new technical-scientific competences at the service of innovation in this Sector.

Since 1996 it has focused even more on research and the production of basic skin care, functional face and body treatments and perfumery.

GARAGNANI COSMETIC RESEARCH, prioritises the values handed down and elaborated in the course of its long-standing activities and traditions.


Its ability to treasure its important past experience and integrate it with the will to innovate through corporate competences alongside with a strong willingness to empower the in-house staff and its collaborators.

A constantly balanced group has demonstrated over time  its strong personal values and the ability to offer guarantees when dealing with Customers.

Up until now, all this has been expressed itself and can be seen at its best in the final results of unique creations aimed at its Customers- both those retained through dedicated service over time and new ones – and through the creations made under its own brand.