The ethical code adopted by  Garagnani Cosmetic Research, represents and integrates the regulation for reference for the Company itself and its management.

Its organisation and management pursue the entrepreneurial activity with honesty and integrity, complying with high moral and ethical principles.

Operations and management are disciplined by a series of rules of conduct which lie at the basis of all its activities. Rules which are known to our  employees, collaborators and partners.

An Ethical code has been drafted which highlights and describes the commitments and liabilities of its proprietors and managers as well as its employees.

Such principles of conduct are adapted to all managerial, operational and communication activities aimed at Collaborators, Suppliers and Customers.

Corporate integrity expressed through correctness, reliability, coherence and confidentality on internal information concerning its customers, are primary conditions and absolute prerogatives at Garagnani Cosmetic Research.

Thanks to its dedication to Customers, and the collaboration between staff members, single results of particular relevance are shared which contribute to supporting the backbone of the Company.

The company’s corporate values are expressed by the courtesy and friendliness shown when dealing with customers and staff.

Listening and exchaging advice, valuing suggestions and allowing for improvements, favour a suitable approach to potential problems and allow for the planning of complex jobs.

Dedication and enthusiasm support the will to achieve increasingly more complex and rewarding goals.

The success of Garagnani Cosmetic Research is above all based on its capacity to meet the expectations of its Customers while trying to maintain high standards of quality and reliability. Using its internal resources at best, it maintains an open and honest dialogue with Customers based on respect for confidentiality with regard to strategic information.