GARAGNANI COSMETIC RESEARCH is equipped with the suitable tools and competences to support its customers in the process of transition from intuition to the realisation of an idea.

A thorough and attentive service and consultancy favour direct relationships with the Customer. The selling of products can be carried out as full service, semi-processed or products delivered in casks to be packaged; starting from an intuition to be turned into an idea and subsequently a finished product.

GARAGNANI COSMETIC RESEARCH aims at being a strategic reference point both on the national territory and in the international field in the creation and production of professional hair products and face and body cosmetics. Over its years of activity it has capitalised on entrepreneurial and organisational competences, combined with strong scientific know -how, thus achieving a remarkable wealth of experience and professionalism.


The aim of GARAGNANI COSMETIC RESEARCH is to pursue excellence through its own professionalism and the confidentiality it guarantees to its customers.

Special care, of an artisanal nature, is definitely paid to the creation of a finished product and to the particularities and uniqueness of the results obtained listening and interpreting Customers’ requests in order to turn their ideas into reality.